Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Blank Canvas

April is a very good time in Minnesota to get out and scout for future bear hunting sites. The grass and light brush are all flat to the ground from the winter’s heavy snow. The trees are just starting to bud in the central part of the state. The wood ticks and other insects are dormant. All the deer and other trails are completely visible. Plus you can get a really good feel for the lay of the land. It is easy to figure out where all the evergreens and low land are for cool cover and where the water is without the leafs blocking the view. Taking all of this in before you make that shot with your bow or rifle this fall is going to help out a great deal. Not to mention it is going to make tracking your trophy a lot easier. One other benefit is to plan on how you intend to retrieve your trophy and not damage the land or without too much hardship on your part. If the stand is setup in August the hunter will have no idea what is back in that heavy cover, what are the possible directions the animals are going to be coming in to the bait, wind direction, and stand placement may not be correct. Having this mental picture of the blank canvas in your head is surprisingly helpful come fall. Don’t hesitate to bring a camera with to snap a few photos for reference.

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