Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Site Selection

When planning for a bear bait site there are a few criteria you should consider: cover, water and stand positioning. The first and foremost is a lot of cover. The animal needs to feel safe coming to and from the bait site. Especially in broad day light. The cover should allow for the animal to cool off if possible. One such place is a nice cedar swamp or tall grass in some low laying poplars. The lower the land the better. If the cover is good enough they might even wait there for their next meal. Water is the second most important for a bait site. It is hot in September and a big game animals need to cool themselves. Any sort of water source is a plus. It does not have to be right on top of the bait site. Just as long as it is in the general area. Who wouldn't want a nice drink of water after a salty or sugary meal. The final and least important of the three is stand positioning. The reason I say least important is because there are a variety of stands available and positioning the stand should be relatively easy because of it. A few examples are ladder stands, ladder stand blinds, climber stands, hanger stands, climbing sticks, ground blinds and even a natural ground blind with a stool. Just be careful to try to get the wind right.

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