Friday, June 17, 2011

I Love College

Since my group and I were not drawn for this years 2011 Minnesota Black Bear Lottery, I am making plans to try to get an unpurchased tag in one of the lottery zones, as are my friends August 3rd. If there are no tags available we do have a backup plan - No-Quota. I am familiar with a few No-Quota spots and plan to start setting them up whether we find tags or not. I hate to sit around doing nothing since September 1st will be here before I know it. I need to decide exactly where the bait sites are going to be. Since my No-Quota bait sites are going to be vast distances apart - I am going to have to visit them sooner than later to make sure they are as I would like them to be before baiting begins in mid-August. The reasoning for them being far apart is that there are a lot fewer bears in the No-Quota areas we intend to hunt. I don't want to be hunting the same bear(s) as my buddies. Plus some areas are closer to home for me as they are for them. We still get to go out and set everything up as we normally would. We just don't get to hunt together. We will be staying at our own homes each night. The potential of taking two bears is still pretty fun. Setting up the sites is not a waste of time. We might not be drawn again next year and we might find something we really like outside the lottery zone. Hopefully we find our way to a couple of lottery tags; otherwise, as today's college kids would put it "Time isn't wasted when your getting wasted" and same goes for setting up these sites.

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