Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Hard Way

Technology is great tool in bear hunting. It can obviously be abused. Tred Barta is not an advocate of technology in hunting. I think he is right in doing it the hard way. As for myself I believe in going the extra mile, being a man, a true warrior and doing it all yourself from start to finish. From the field to the freezer. I see no problem in using these tools with the proper intent as long as it is done cleanly and humanely. Most of us don't have days or weeks to spend in our hunting. That is why we pay guides for thier knowledge. We are lucky if we have hours. Coming from a background in technology - it is hard not to try to utilize it. Sure I could design a bear bait with an infrared crossbow with a digital web cam that can turn 360 degrees and sends an email or text when a bear comes in, login and click the shoot button on the iphone app and thats it. Just cause I can do it doesn't mean it should be done.

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